Midnight Mating

Lovely summer evening! I was sitting outside, where the night air was nice, sipping beer with my husband. The barn was far from me, about 40 yards, but close enough to hear Tommy making noises. For some reason, he was awake even though it was almost midnight. I heard him … Continue reading

Chosen for Tommy

In this movie, I want to introduce you to my new lover, Tommy. We have spent a lot of time practicing. I bought him when he was young. I’m the only female with whom he’s had sex since the beginning. Now he’s a perfect lover, very dominant, strong and ready … Continue reading

Payment method

So far we have had many different payment methods, however, due to the tightening of payment control, unfortunately, we have to turn off those payment methods. For your and our safety, we have changed the system and have done our best to offer you the safest solution. For this reason, … Continue reading