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Who we are…

We know what kind of material we produce and we know what we present on our website. People’s life choices and the things they fantasize about are different. Every man has his own fetish and things that attract him.

We have this story and this is something that we love.

Everyone who visits our website and stays there for more than 12 minutes has in himself/herself a dose of love for the sexual orientation which is presented on this website. This is a sexual desire of people who have a mature imagination and an open mind. Something that every woman should try at least once in life.

We would like to inform people who do not understand this lifestyle.

Everything we do, we do with great love and with a great deal of respect. We do not support cruelty to any animals. Each animal has its own life and should enjoy it. People should love animals and, during any contact with them, people should show them respect and love. People who truly do not love animals and do not treat them gently are not welcome to this website.

We take care of our dog in the best way. He sleeps in the house, has a large yard, high quality food, always fresh water, and most importantly, he is never in a box or on a leash. He has complete freedom and is always by our side. He is a part of our family. He loves being petted and loves to play with everyone. The work that we do is just another form of pleasure that he, as a member of our family, loves and always wants. He will never be hurt, mistreated, or in any way forced to perform a sexual act.

We are looking for new models, but we will never accept a model who forces their pet to sex, or harasses or threatens his decisions in any way. Every dog either loves and wants his mistress, or he doesn’t. If he does not want her, it is his right, and it should be respected.

On our website, you can find exclusively movies where a girl and a dog share a true love and mutual desire for sex.

Hereby, we wanted to present you us, our thinking and our behavior. We are sincere animal lovers, and anyone who is like us is welcome to our website.

Kiss 🙂  Ariel and team

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What we offer!

We record exclusively sex between a girl and a dog. Each movie was made with a great deal of love for that sexual act. Each movie has a story that the fans of this kind of sex will understand.

All movies are recorded by an HD video camera of high resolution. Some movies are older and were recorded by a video camera in DVD quality. We guarantee that our members will be satisfied with the material that we produce and possess. Also, we record new material and our website will be refreshed frequently. The members will be satisfied with our timeliness regarding updates.

The most recent movies that we produced were made in these resolutions:

• 1080 HD (1920 x 1080 px) with crystal clear picture


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