Slaves of Dreams

[kkstarratings] Text written by Ariel. Whenever I’m around Sam, I can feel his size, because he makes me feel very small. He’s a lovely, good giant that knows in what way he can make me happy. His graceful look, his way of cuddling, kisses that he selflessly gives me reveal… Continue reading

Wishful Fantasy

[kkstarratings] The first movie she made ​​is her first public appearance. The experience she has is great, however she has never recorded ​​any scene before. Simply she hasn’t made a public appearance until now. She wanted to present herself in public, and people to enjoy watching her, so all of… Continue reading

Wind of Lover

[kkstarratings] Maya again made ​​a great movie in her style. As usual, this movie was done perfectly, and this recording is more than wonderful. 🙂 Excellent camera, excellent lighting, and great action. Maya is a beautiful girl, and her dog is a real giant. Her physical appearance, her beautiful, tender… Continue reading