Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I become a member of this website?
Simply register and you will get access to this website.

Q. Can I use a proxy server to hide my real IP address?
A. As we are concerned, you can. We also use a proxy server. The only thing we ask you is not to use programs designed for such things if they frequently and automatically change your IP addresses. Connecting from multiple IP addresses can block your account. You can use a maximum of 5 different IP addresses.

Q. What does your website offer?
Our website is for advertising. Via the website, you can get information on what material we have in our private club, you can contact us and you can leave a message on each movie.

Q. How do I become a premium member?
To become a premium member, you have to contact us, and we will refer you for further instructions. On this website you will not find a link via which you can become a premium member.

Q. How much should I pay to become a premium member?
After sending us your message, we will inform you on the details about the membership price. Basically, we are the cheapest.

Q. Can I download all the movies for the membership price?  
As a premium member, you enter into our private club. Inside the club, you will get credit (points) with which you have the opportunity to purchase a movie that you like. Each film is sold separately, like when you buy a product in a store.

Q. What are credits (points)?
A. Credits (points) are the currency used in our private club. Each point has its own worth in the value of one Euro. Each member has its own credits (points), which they can use as they wish.

Q. What is the quality of your movies?
New movies that we produced are HD quality, 1920 x 1080 px. We also have older movies that are DVD quality. It is written next to each movie what quality it is. You can also download the movies in the format for the cell phone.

Q. If I become a premium member, can I talk to a model?
Of course, within our private club, there is a page where messages are written, where you can talk to a model, where you can leave your suggestion for a new movie, where you can give some advice, ask questions, etc.

Q. Do I have special advantages as a premium member?
Our private club is evolving, and your advice is welcome. Also, as a premium member, you receive a brand new movie for free. You are given an opportunity to purchase the model’s clothes, with an agreement, or if you are a very active member, get the clothes as a gift.

Q. I'm a girl (a married couple), and I want to sell my home movie.
If you have a home movie that was done according to our criteria, please contact us and ask. We are always willing to talk and cooperate with people who have made the right decision and want to join us.

Q. Do you stand behind protecting my identity (member, new model)?
For a member: It is in our interest that every member is happy in our club. We guarantee that we will never sell your data, or give them to a third party.
For a new model: Every girl can be sure that protecting her identity is our priority. We will never publish the data of the models who cooperate or cooperated with us. Also, in order to protect herself, and advised by us, the girl should always wear a mask and wig.

Q. What software do I need?
For this website, you need the basic software. As a premium member, you need a video player that supports wmv and mp4 extensions.



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